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Noah Meyer (a.k.a. Pattern) makes dreamy electronic folk rock that journeys through time and space.

Noah would like to thank everyone who helped make this album a reality - Aled Roberts, Drew Guido, Amar Lal, Jak Horner, Mara Nielson, Maia Pillot, and Stephanie Fisher.


released June 11, 2015

All songs written and recorded by Pattern. Mixing by the amazing Drew Guido. Mastering by the awesome Amar Lal. Co-produced with the prodigious Aled Roberts. Artwork by magic Jak Horner. Additional vocals by Mara Nielson. Additional bass, guitar, synths, and vocals by Aled Roberts. Additional drum, guitar, and piano tracking by Drew Guido.




Pattern Montgomery, New York

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Track Name: Redwood Summer
Sometimes I feel like I've lost myself, I don't know me anymore. Who is this what body am I in. But then I always find myself again. I start wondering maybe if you're sleeping then you never die, I better wake up from this dream. But I can't, this time I'm going off of the deep end.
I've just got to hold on long enough to make some changes.
I've just got to hold on long enough and don't go crazy.
And suddenly, picked up on the side of the road. Someone else going the way I go. I can't remember what he said but I know that's not what I want to be when I'm hold. That's not what I have to see when I'm gold. It's not too good for me so I'm told. This hanging on is going to make me let go.
I just have to hold on.
Track Name: Serum
I know that there's a way to love you. I know I've not been doing my part. But if you give me a chance to show you, I'm ready to be in your heart. I know that it's not quite healing, I know there are times you regret. And I am usually scared of this feeling but I can't feel it yet.
I took a sharp edge and I put it to myself. Not what I wanted but no one was there to help. And those were dark days, I will never be that again. You know that I've changed, I just can't feel it yet.
I am usually scared of the feeling. But I can't feel it yet.
I know that there's a way to love you. I've not been holding up my end. And I am usually scared of this feeling but I can't feel it yet.
Track Name: Set You Free
I heard you took your life living out in California but you're too young, what made you decide to leave. I heard that you called and thanked your father for everything, he was too dumb. I don't know what he could have done anyway.
This is the song I never wrote to try to bring you back home. You were getting further away and all I could say was I was hoping on a hope that you would know if you were in need you could count on me.
Finally turned your life around in your last days. Filled your head with a hundred different wrong ways. And though I wasn't there to see you sleeping in that box, I thought I would owe it to you to see you on that rock. And I know it's not my fault. You were fading and I stalled. But I could have rescheduled or something I don't know but it doesn't feel right that I'm still here and you're gone.
It's not gonna set you free.
These are the words I never said, I never put in your head. And they don't mean very much now so I will keep them instead. I feel like I have missed the chance to ever say another word to you ever again.
Track Name: Recliner
Well we made it this far alright but now our love is out of sight, I don't know what I'm heading towards. We made it this far just fine but now I must be going blind, I don't recognize you anymore. Any villain can have a gentle side. Tell me what you think about mine. Does it fit you right, it doesn't fit you right. And every day you're watching me, something I never meant to be. Another version of myself. Then I turn around and find you, something you never meant to do. Couldn't hide it all that well. Forget about it for now, this is bigger than us, it's enough.
Maybe I'll just lie here for the rest of my life.
Maybe I will untie my shoes and sit in this recliner.
Maybe I will just close my eyes for awhile.
Maybe I wil stir and wake up tomorrow.
I wish it could always be this way.
Track Name: Passage Of Time
Nobody comes back, no body goes in. Looking at a door to a place I've never been. I watch you walking on, can't think of what to say. The creaking of the hinges took my voice away.
I can't believe that I was looking for you at the very same time you came and took me away. I can't remember everything we've been through up until the beginning of the end.
If the fog is rolling in you've got wasted days. If your mind is going but your blood's not flowing you've got vacant days.
Would you come back to me, I'm waiting on the beach. Put me out of my misery, put me out of reach. Wash up while I'm sleeping, saturate my thoughts. Carry me away, don't ever let me off. If I keep you in my mind, will you keep me close to your heart. If I never see the light I'll never know it's dark. I wish that I could tell you but you'd never understand what it's like just waiting, buried in the sand.
And in my dreams I hear what you're trying to say. You had it in your hands and you let it all slip away.
Track Name: Exactly As Planned
Stuck in the back of a car, we don't know where we are and it's getting dark. Should we just call it a night, you turn out the light and disappear for awhile.
If you are running out of time then I'll be there.
Thought you could keep it at bay, always just another day. But the moment is grand. Life has really got its pains, you can't help but to exclaim it's gone exactly as planned.
If you are running out of time then I'll be there.
Track Name: Lay Down
I was dreaming. Saw my face in a mirror, and as the smoke blew away I could see a little clearer. Shoes on a checkered floor, thick curtains line the walls. In all directions were people filling up these halls. I pushed a button on the machine in front of me. The crowd grew quiet and the lights went down. I swear you could see the sound dropping like a thousand pounds.
And everybody's like hell yeah, let me hear that song again.
Out back sitting on the trunk. Got the top off so you put your hands up. Let me hear what you have to say. The lights are going down on this whole town. So we're leaving to find better days. Waiting for a noise to come, waiting for that voice to say. Even if our time is done we'll do whatever it takes to make that radio play.
And everybody's like hell yeah, let me hear that song again.
Track Name: Afraid To Make It Any Less
Try to capture it all. The writing on the wall telling us to give up, I think you gave it enough. I was just sitting in my room thinking about you and how we used to love. I was just running down the road thinking how far we'd have to go and how far we've already come. And when you told me you were scared, you had been thinking about your parents. You said don't let that be us. But if I won't remember you and you won't remember me then why should I keep up?
The words to the end of this book fall from my mouth, try to find my faults hid them pretty well. Afraid to make it any less, always looking for clues, tried to publish a truth that would never sell. I said come on get it right this time, you're playing this game with no one else but yourself. Maybe in another life I could have it this way. Would it still be the same, I can never tell.
Track Name: I Climb
I know somewhere out there you are running away from your fears, but they've forgotten you. You know somewhere inside there is a place for love, it tears you up.
I put the pressure on your heart. You told me you were dying to start.
Wanna get high like we used to. Close my eyes and wake beside you. Don't you know that every time I think about you I climb.
I know somewhere out there you are running away from your fears, but don't give up now. You know somewhere deep inside there is a place for love, it opens up now.
Every time I think about you I climb.
Track Name: Time Bomb
For the time being I would give it all away. I am living in the past and I'll never see those days. Run around like fire inside this house again. After all isn't it just a simple game.
I play this game with myself.
I said come on get it right this time you're playing this game with no one else but yourself. Maybe in another life I could have it this way, would it be the same. I can never tell.
I play this game with myself.
I had to give myself a problem just to prove that I was worth it, that I was real. My world could be new again but do I deserve it, how would I feel. I fell in love with the waterfall but when I reach out it's already gone. I fell in love with the real world only to discover that it's a time bomb.

And past the dark of the trees we found a deep blue see with cliffs made of limestone white.
Against the rolling shores you pleaded just once more, let's go drifting through the night.
I am trapped under a spell, touch me with your words, I'll go without a fight.
I fell in love with the water falling and it fell right out of sight.